• #BePresent - A Community/School Partnership

  • "Every Child You Pass in the Hall Has a Story That Needs to Be Heard. Maybe You Are the One to Hear It."

    - Bethany Hill

  • BePresent Overview


    What does

    Expectations & Guidelines

What Does it Take to be a Good Mentor/Volunteer?

    • Receive the required training and information about sexual harassment and child abuse reporting policies.Kids
    • Abide by the school policy that states that mentors/volunteers will exercise reasonable care in protecting students from harm.
    • Exhibit professional and appropriate relationships with students. Dating or having sexual relations with students is prohibited.
    • Follow the direction and suggestions of school staff members.
    • Photographing children during school hours is prohibited.
    • Respect the privacy of teachers and students by not discussing school matters away from the school.
    • Commit to working in a school to support and improve education for all students.
    • Refer to the classroom teacher or an appropriate school staff member for final solution of any student problem which arises, whether of an instructional, medical or operational nature.
    • Find ways to establish a good rapport with students.
    • Accept each student and encourage them to be their best.
    • Learn the names of the students and use them often.
    • Respect the roles of the teachers and administrators
    • Cooperate with others. A spirit of teamwork is essential to getting things done.
    • Follow policies, rules, and regulations.
    • Be patient.
    • Be kind.
    • Be positive.
    • Have fun!