• Functional Academics

    Students in the High School department will participate in a variety of functional academic courses. These classes provide students with the knowledge they need to have fulfilling adult lives both in the home and community environments. All students within the High School Department take part in the following courses:

    • History / Social Studies
    • Math
    • Science
    • Reading: Unique, News-2-You, etc.
    • Functional Vocabulary Development
    • Social Skills

    Functional Life Skills

    Instruction in functional life skill tasks is an essential aspect of the High School department curriculum. The skills we teach are grouped into five curricular domains.

    1. Self-care and domestic living
    2. Recreation and leisure
    3. Communication and social skills
    4. Vocational skills
    5. Skills vital for community participation.

    The link between life skill acquisition and life quality is essential for students with educational transition plans into adulthood. We know that increasing a person’s repertoire of life skills increases his or her independence and social competence. In the High School department, we carefully evaluate how and where skills are taught to ensure we focus on enhancing community membership and ultimately contribute to independence, resulting in an improvement in the quality of life. Specific skills taught include (but not limited to): money and purchasing, community safety, functional sight word training in school and in the community, leisure options in the community, cleaning skills, cooking skills, laundry skills, and personal self-care.

    Community-Based Instruction

    Community-Based Instruction (CBI) includes the components of preparation, action, and reflection. These components connect the classroom and community learning experiences.

    • Preparation refers to activities which occur in the classroom before the CBI trip.
    • Action refers to the actual activity taking place in the community environment. Activities could include recreation/leisure, purchasing, community service providers and social events.
    • Reflection refers to evaluation or follow-up activities which occur in the classroom following the CBI trip.

    CBI emphasizes skill development with a goal towards independence. Basic skills are addressed, such as functional math and reading, language/communication, motor, decision-making, and social behaviors.

    High School Events

    The High School department works together to encourage enriching group activities for all students. Below are a few of the senior events that take place throughout the year.

    1. High School Picnic – sponsored by the Knights of Columbus McGivney Council
    2. Arlington Echo Turtle Release at Poplar Island
    3. Prom
    4. Vocational Awards Program
    5. Graduation