Kiplin Hall

  • Picture of Kiplin Hall in England- Birthplace of Maryland Built in the 1620s by George Calvert, the Lord of Baltimore, Kiplin Hall is steeped in a rich history, not only as a British landmark, but also for its history with the University of Maryland. As explained by the University of Maryland Study Center, "One of Calvert’s direct descendants, George Benedict Calvert, helped launch the University of Maryland when he sold several hundred acres of his land to the State of Maryland in 1858 for the purpose of establishing the Maryland Agriculture College. The Maryland Agriculture College went on to become the University of Maryland."

    In  the 1980s, David Fogle, a University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation faculty member, worked with the University of Maryland, the State of Maryland, and Kiplin Hall to convert the original stable house and blacksmith's shop into the University of Maryland Study Centre at Kiplin Hall. Over the past three decades, this center has provided affordable opportunities for hundreds of students to experience the United Kingdom for themselves.

    Through connections forged from the Arundel High School Integrated Community Stakeholder Team (ICST), Anne Arundel County Public Schools has established its own relationship with the University of Maryland Study Center at Kiplin Hall. In November 2013, Arundel High School will be sending its first group of Signature students to the study center. The Performing and Visual Arts Magnet Program will also be sending its own group of students over in May 2014 and August 2014.

    To learn more about the rich history of Kiplin Hall and the flourishing partnership between Kiplin Hall and the University of Maryland, click here.