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    Have an hour to spare?  Volunteer in the library! Contact us to find out how you can help.

    • Shelving books
    • Shelving and keeping magazines in chronological order
    • Knowing the physical layout of the library and where materials are located
    • Assisting students with computer/printer problems as necessary
    • Checking computer printers and refill with paper as necessary
    • Assisting with preparation of bulletin boards in the library
    • Straightening book shelves
    • Shelf reading
    • Assisting with media production and laminating as needed
    • Performing other tasks as assigned by library staff

    Calendar Notes

    • National Library Week Activities -April
    • Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Voting - April
    • Book Fair: Buy One, Get One Free- Spring
    • Paperback Book Exchange - June

    A+ Student HELP

    Are you looking for a good book to read?

    Notable Features of the BPMS Web Catalog

    AT HOME ACCESS - All AACPS Libraries:

    BPMS Catalog Home Page
    Includes links to the Classic catalog, award-wining book lists, and the new eBooks browser, among others. Try them all! To check out eBooks, students use their lunch number (SIF) as their ID and the last 4 digits of their lunch number as their password.

    Classic (Traditional) Search Screen

    Note the feature below. You can modify the number of items shown per screen after a search.

    The Browse Search Screen
    This is accessible from row of buttons at the top of the Search Screen.  The drop menu by Title includes additional ways to search. 

    The Combination Search Screen
    To refine your search, use AND, OR, and NOT for those hard to locate topics or when 'regular' searches yield too many results.

    The Online Database Screen
    Both student and professional resources are available here. Please do not assume that your students know how to use these resources. Check with the Media Specialist for instruction in their use and user names and passwords.

    KC Web Catalog
    This is the type of catalog that students have used in elementary school. Check out the various icon links. Most search results will also include set of related web links. Very handy  - search for books and web sites at the same time!

    Note: all items borrowed from BPMS Media Center must be checked out!


    Student Info

    MRC - Multimedia Review Central
    Ideas for publishing student book reviews.
    Access All students have access to the Media Center via teacher scheduled class time for research and/or book exchange; independent visits upon entering, leaving school; passes from the cafeteria; and individual or small group passes from a classroom.

    Use of Media Center
    Students use the MC for guided or independent research, personal or class assigned book borrowing, reading in the lounge area, and assignment work on the computers or at the tables. Students should always have a predetermined purpose when visiting the media center.

    Students may borrow up to 3 books for 3 weeks and one magazine for two school days. Some Reference books can be borrowed for one day. Students may not borrow anything if they have an overdue item.

    Overdue Slips
    The circulation system routes overdue slips to students via their Language Arts teachers. The notices are printed at the end of each marking period and placed in the LA teachers' mailboxes. Teachers should distribute them ASAP after they are received. ANY student questions or concerns should be promptly directed to the Media Specialist.

    Fines are not levied for overdue books but payment for lost and damaged books is expected. Bills for lost items are first given directly to the student and then mailed home if not resolved.

    Student Work
    We welcome student projects for display.

    Student Assistants
    Through the Library Club, all students are welcome to select to be a Student Media Assistant to receive training and give help with shelving and special projects before & after school or during lunch in the Media Center.