• Welcome to the Crofton Woods Website!

    Crofton Woods Elementary School is a beautiful school that is tucked inside the community of Crofton, Md.  Crofton Woods is a school with high quality, caring teachers, strong community support, and most of all, wonderful children!  It is a growing school with approximately 740 students.

    Crofton Woods was the second of the 5 Crofton schools and was built in 1970.  Crofton Woods was originally built with an “open floor plan” which was designed to allow teachers to work collaboratively with each other and allow student movement and individualized learning. But the typical problems that often arise with an open floor plan schools such as noise levels and distractions were also present at Crofton Woods.  In 2009, the school system began a process of putting up walls.  Crofton Woods now has all separated classrooms with a large and open media center.  Even so, many of the same ideals on which the school was built, are still important parts of Crofton Woods today.  This school was founded with the notion that collaboration, engagement, and relationships enhance learning.  That’s a philosophy that hasn’t changed since the beginning, and we hope it never will.

    At Crofton Woods, our staff is always cognizant that the things we do every day, and the boys and girls who we teach, will effect and potentially change the future. We know that our partnership and connection to our parents and community stakeholders is essential in what we do with kids. Our school motto is Discover, Integrate and Grow and it continues to drive what we do.  We want to insure that all of our students feel connected and accepted as part of the Crofton Woods community, that we are integrating the arts with academics to enhance the learning of both, and that we are using the power of discovery to insure that every student is able to grow. 

    I am honored to be the Principal of this amazing school.  Having been here as a special educator, an Assistant Principal and now as the Principal is really quite a unique experience and allows me to see this school from multiple perspectives.  


    I guess I’m just a “Woody” through and through and I’m always ready to discover, integrate and GROW along with the students and staff.



    Mrs. R. Lynn Birus

    Principal, Crofton Woods Elementary School
    Mrs. R. Lynn Birus