Principal's Message


    Happy March!  As we celebrate the spring weather (which has come early), we want to remind our students to continue to work hard.  We are halfway through the third marking period, and our students continue to meet new content standards and strategies.  With the uptick in sports and other outside activities, it can be easy to forget to schedule for homework and practice, including instruments.  Quarterly assessments in reading, math and science are held at the end of this month, and we also begin our Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) with 5th grade science.  We held conferences on 3/10, and please continue to check Parent Connect for your children’s progress.  In our School Improvement Plan, we are working to support students progress toward reading on grade level, and achievement in math.  If you would like information about your child’s reading level or math progress, and how you can support them, please contact your child’s teacher. 

    PTA sponsored our APEX fun run this month.  The students enjoyed the activities in class and during the event.  The APEX leader, A-Skillz, was very popular with our children!  Thank you to all who were able to support this fundraiser, talking about the leadership skills for each day, ensuring that the children had sneakers for the big run, and/or monetarily.  The PTA budget supports our students, and this year, we will receive 30 Chromebooks for student use, paid for by the PTA.  In addition, the PTA funds support assemblies, evening events, field trips, and materials needed for instruction.   Our Science Fair and Book fair will coincide on March 16th.  There will be a science program sponsored by our PTA, an opportunity to look at our students’ projects and books for sale for all levels of readers.

    We hope the flu season has passed, yet please continue to be mindful not to send your child to school if they have vomited or run a fever.  A good rule of thumb is fever-free, and/or no vomiting for 24 hours.  Children who are well are better learners. 😊

    Thank you for your support, I enjoy your children every day!