• Pasadena Elementary School offers a variety of Clubs/Activities for our students. 

    Black-Eyed Susan Reading Club - This club is sponsored by Mrs. Dahlheim, Media Teacher.  Students read nominated Black-Eyed Susan Books in either category, Chapter Books or Graphic Novels throughout the year and books are voted on in April.  If the student reads ALL the books in either category they are invited to an end of year celebration.

    Spanish Club - An extracurricular club sponsored by our Global Studies teacher, Mr. Patrylak. Students in grade 5 are eligible to participate. There is no fee to participate.

    Anne Arundel Engineering Classes- An afterschool club available to all students. Registration occurs online with the non-AACPS instructor.  This club has a fee. 

    Dance Company I - The dance company is comprised of 2nd and 3rd grade students who have an interest in dance.  They perform at the Anne Arundel County Dance Festival with other schools in the county.  Students must audition and be selected in order to participate. AACPS Dance Festival rules limit a maximum of 20 dancers. Our PE Teacher, Mrs. Deaver, sponsors this club. There is a fee for the dance costume.

    Dance Company II – The dance company is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students who have an interest in dance. Students must audition and be selected in order to participate. This Dance Company works with external Young Audiences staff choreographers and sponsors Mrs. Deaver and Mr. Patrylak. Students will perform at a school event. There is a fee for the dance costume.

    Yearbook Club - Students create the Yearbook under the direction of Ms. Malone, 1st grade teacher. Photography, computer programs and teamwork are required. Students submit an application with an essay, and are selected for participation.

    Sea Perch Club – Mrs. DiGiorgio, 3rd grade teacher, sponsors the engineering STEM SeaPerch Club.  This club is only available to 5th grade students in the winter.  Information will be sent to interested 5th graders later in the school year, and students must apply. Club size is limited, and participating students will be notified.

    24 Club - 24 Club - Mrs. Rutkauskas and Mrs. Funk, 2nd and 5th grade teachers are the co-sponsors of this club.  In this club students in grades 4 and 5 will look at math in a new, fun and exciting way.  Students will practice fact fluency, mental math, and problem solving to play the game of 24 where they will use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to make a series of four numbers equal 24.  

    Student Leadership Council - This club is co-sponsored by Ms. Noble, school counselor, and Mr. Patrylak, Global Studies teacher. This club is comprised of students in grades 3-5, and helps with a variety of school service learning activities, such as Harvest for the Hungry and Operation Welcome Home.

    Running Club – This club inspires students to train for a 5k run Registration opens in Spring.  Sponsored by Mrs. Deaver, PE teacher, and many other staff members, this club lasts about 6 weeks and culminates with a 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run.

    NASA Best – Students will explore STEM activities that have been created by NASA. Parent involvement is needed, and club size is limited.

    Sign Language – Mrs. Biggs, former parent/teacher and Ms. DeLaHoz, Speech teacher, host a club to help students explore manual communication involving hand gestures, movement, orientation of the fingers, arms or body, and facial expressions to convey a speaker's ideas. This club performs at CHS and Bowie Baysox events.

    Fine Arts Club: Students participating in this enrichment club incorporate a variety of fine arts in their extension activity. They explore topics in a project based, real world application environment where elements of the visual arts, music, performing arts and dance may co- exist with current technology.

    Creative Writer’s Workshop*: Mrs. Poniatowski and Ms. Bunoski facilitate a writer’s workshop. Using Write Brain Books as a guide, student groups collaborate to write and donate to coauthored book. Each then writes independently, receiving copies of their self-authored books. Every student's self-esteem and test readiness elevates as vital academic and social skills develop. Students are encouraged to use available technology, illustrate their works and share products with classmates, family and friends.

    On-line Book Club Hybrid*: Held in conjunction with the ALPs Office, advanced language arts students are invited to participate in an on-line book club during the school year. They will need internet access in order to join a blackboard discussion group. A final project or special culminating activity is designed for each book at each grade level.

    Polished Panthers: Facilitated by Mr. Patrylak and Mrs. Taylor, this club meets to focus on helping students self regulate by making good decisions and being respectful and responsible citizens.  

    *indicates club is sponsored or affiliated with Advanced Learner Programs