The Leadership Development Institute (LDI)

  • Dr. Arlotto with foundation members

    The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is a program jointly established by the 21st Century Education Foundation and AACPS to cultivate collaborative leaders and enhance partnerships between the school system and business sector.

    Participants, selected from all areas of the AACPS organization as well as from community organizations, participate in challenge sessions to explore leadership through connections between businesses, community, government, and the school system. Session learning activities include presentations, small group activities, and discussions simulations, and projects.

    Most of the sessions are held on Friday evenings and/or Saturdays.  For any session held during the work day, release time is provided.  All participants are expected to attend and participate fully in all of the sessions.

    Participation in LDI is voluntary and no compensation is provided to participants.  LDI is supported by the 21st Century Education foundation.