• Counseling Office

    Office Phone: 410-674-6905

    Office Fax: 410-674-6593


    All School Counselors

    Classroom counseling lessons
    Individual counseling (short-term)
    Targeted group counseling
    MSAP Team
    Attendance Committee
    Incident Command System (ICS) Team
    Student Support Team (MIT)
    Peer mediation/conflict resolution
    504 Case Management
    Attend IDT & IEP Meetings
    J. Adams Academy Transition
    Honor Roll Recognition Celebrations

    The School Counseling Department

    • Provides consultation and counseling services for students, teachers, and parents to promote academic success.
    • Provides individual, group, and family counseling services on an ongoing and as needed basis.
    • Attends appropriate community and agency meetings that support student families and community members.
    • Interfaces with multiple agencies to ensure access to necessary services.
    • Works jointly with administration, interdisciplinary teams, appropriate staff, and community members to provide a safe learning environment.
    • Participates on the following teams as appropriate: Incident Command System (ICS Team, SIT, MIT, MSAP, IEP, IDT, 504, etc.)
    • Interprets and maintains the permanent records of students.
    • Evaluates the records of entering students for proper placement.
    • Provides necessary information for transferring students.
    • Provides information to withdrawing students regarding alternatives toward completing an educational program.
    • Coordinates articulation for students entering and leaving middle school.
    • Coordinates a comprehensive conflict resolution program to include management of the Peer Mediation Program and Advisory Program.
    • Utilizes data for purposeful program planning.

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    Harrassment/Bullying/Cyberbullying Reporting 

    If you feel that your child is being harassed or bullied, please read the information on the attached link, fill out the attached form, and return it to Arundel Middle School as soon as possible.  The school will address the issue and provide support to you and your child to ensure that they feel safe at school.  If you need support regarding a potential harassment or bullying situation, do not hesitate to call a school counselor or an administrator at 410-674-6900.

    Bully Reporting

    What Parents Need to Bring for Enrollment: Enrolling during the COVID-19 state-mandated shutdown: Online Registration

    Enrollment Documents



    If you are moving within the Arundel Middle School area, the parent must submit 2 Proofs of Residency to the Counseling Secretary to update the student’s records.  See “Two required Proofs of Residence” below.  Residency Documents may be Faxed to 410-674-6593 (write student’s name on all papers) OR Email to dmyles@aacps.org OR can be brought to the Arundel Middle School Counseling Office.

    Two required Proofs of Residence:

    1. 1st Proof of Residence – choose ONE of the following:
      • IF YOU OWN THE HOME A copy of your mortgage deed, latest tax bill/assessment or current mortgage statement showing your name, current address signature page and date
      • IF YOU LEASE A copy of your signed current lease showing your name/signature, current address and date
        You must provide a notarized Tenant Verification Form – available at any school or printed from the web site www.aacps.org along with a current bill (see list below) showing your name and the address of the location you are residing.
        AND The Homeowner/Lessee must also provide copy of their Mortgage Proof/Signed Lease AND a current utility bill (see list below) with their name on it.
    2. 2nd Proof of Residence – choose ONE of the following documentation with your Name/address/date issued within the past 60 days:
      • Utility Bill – electric, gas, propane, oil, water, phone land line
      • Utility work order– mailing and service address must match,
      • Bank Statement
      • Valid Commercial Driver’s License
      • W2 or 1099 issued the previous year
      • Pay Stub – showing name and address

    Not Acceptable – envelopes, auto insurance, school letters, cell phone/credit card/medical

    CUSTODY/GUARDIANSHIP – If Custody/Guardianship for your child has changed, please bring Court Documents so changes can be made in your student’s files.