Media Center

  • Our Media Staff:

    Ms. Maria Harris - Media Specialist

    Deborah Beaudin - Media Assistant

    Our Mission:Desks, computers, and book shelves in the media center

    The Library Media program of Corkran Middle School strives to ensure that all students:
    1. Are effective users of ideas and information.
    2. Learn information skills and use them effectively to solve problems.
    3. Explore various types of literature and enjoy reading for life!

    Media Center Hours:

    The Media Center is open all day during school hours, and after school Tuesdays and Thursdays:

    • Monday
      8am – 2:45pm
    • Tuesday
      8am – 3:45pm
    • Wednesday
      8am – 2:45pm
    • Thursday
      8am – 3:45pm
    • Friday
      8am – 2:45pm

    Students are always welcome in the Media Center during class as long as they have the permission of their teacher.
    Students are also encouraged to come to the Media Center during their lunch period, provided they come to the MC in the morning and get a pass.

    Circulation and Collection:

    All students are permitted to check out up to 3 items at a time. 
    Books are due back in 3 weeks (except for certain reference materials), and magazines are due back in 1 week. 
    Although we do not charge late fees, students are expected to return items on time and in good condition.  Students who lose books or magazines, or allow them to become damaged, must pay for the item before they will be permitted to check out anything else.
    Please remember to bring in your books;  a student’s account may be blocked if she/he allows their book to become overdue!
    Our collection consists of over 11,000 items which support the middle school curriculum. 

    The print collection includes fiction and nonfiction books, as well as reference materials including encyclopedias and magazines.

    In addition to print resources, we have 12 networked computers.  Our school system provides us with access to several online databases, including World Book Online, Grolier Online, NewsBank, CultureGrams, and SIRS Discovery: By using information provided in the Media Center at school, students can also access these databases at home.

    We also have digital cameras, digital camcorders, lap tops and Flip cameras available for check out!

    Online Databases:

    Corkran Middle School students have access to a dictionary, a thesaurus, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers and much more from their home computer!

    Go to the Corkran Middle School online card catalog (Bookmark this!)  Look on the left side and enter click on Dictionary or Online Databases.

    Students must stop by the Media Center to get a handout with the passwords listed.

    Online Encyclopedias:

    1. World Book Online
    2. Grolier On-Line (includes American, Grolier Multimedia, New Book of Knowledge, Lands & Peoples and America the Beautiful)

    News Articles:

    1. NewsBank (School Mate- full text magazines and newspaper articles)
    2. EBSCO (Middle Search- full text magazines articles)

    Internet Search, Magazines and Newspapers and much more:

    SIRS Discoverer& Discoverer WebFind (full text magazines and newspapers, dictionary, encyclopedia, maps, web searches, biographies, World Almanac for Kids, country search and much more!)

    Live homework help is available from on the Anne Arundel County Public Library Site. They provide tutoring for students in grades K-12 and college level in the subjects of Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.  Help is available from 2 p.m. to midnight 7 days a week.


    Media – Teacher Projects


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