Student Services

  • SCHOOL COUNSELOR-Ms. Heidi Trammell

    The elementary school counselor works with all children in the school. The counselor also works with the teachers, administrative staff, and parents. The services of the elementary school counselor focus on identifying and providing for the individual needs of all students. The student’s needs can be met by recognizing the counselor as a child advocate. Some of the counselor’s involvement focuses on : (1) consulting with teachers to identify needs of students, (2) helping parents learn effective skills for interacting with their children, and (3) consulting with he school psychologist, pupil personnel worker, and school principal to deliver appropriate services. In addition, the counselor strives to help each child learn to make choices that lead to responsible behavior. Classroom, group, and/or individual activities are provided. Some of these activities include building self-confidence and self-esteem, making decisions, adjusting to a new school, getting along with others, and developing organizational study skills.


    HEALTH PROGRAM-Mrs. Jennifer Fernandez, School Nurse and Rosa Carboney, Health Assistant

    Odenton Elementary is part of the expanding health service program in Anne Arundel County. Our health assistant, Rosa Carboney, will supervise the health room each day. In addition, Odenton Elementary will split the services of our registered nurse (RN), Jennifer Fernandez, with another school in SY 2021-2022.

    You can reach the health room at 410-674-5863.


    • Parents should make the school aware of any medical problems a child might have.
    • Only the health room staff may administer medicine to students at school, including cough drops, aspirin or medicated lip balm.
    • A Parent Request to Admister Medication form must be completed and signed by a doctor whenever a student needs to take medication during the school day.
    • Medication to be given at school must be delivered to the healthroom by an adult. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE YOUR CHILD BRING ANY MEDICATION TO SCHOOL.

    Thank you for your cooperation!



    Breakfast and Lunch Menus

    Free and Reduced Meals Program

    Free and Reduced Meals Application: Applications must be submitted every year. Last year’s status will expire on October 13th. For questions, please call Food and Nutrition Services at (410)-222- 5900.