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    In second grade, students will learn to follow directions, persist at a given task, be a good listener, become an independent learner, collaborate with peers, and be active members of their community.
    We will be incorporating the Common Core Curriculum to expose students to a variety of genres such as fiction, non fiction, and poetry. Students will learn to participate in literature circles, guided reading groups, and use close reading strategies to increase comprehension ability.  Students will learn to write opinion, informative, and narrative pieces throughout the school year.


    Theme 1: Mastering the basic facts, place value (2-digits), measurement with M2, make sense of word problems 

    Theme 2: Place value with 3-digits, skip counting, comparing 3-digit numbers, money 

    Theme 3: Shapes and attributes, add and subtract within 1,000, time 

    Theme 4: Line plots, picture graphs, bar graphs, arrays M2 (for foundation of multiplication) 


    Theme 1: Students will learn to follow rules and be a good citizen. Students will also learn to make and use maps as well as develop a model to represent the shape of bodies of land and bodies of water in the area. 
    MSDE PTD Tremendous Trees Unit
    MSDE PTD Preservation Problem Solvers 

    Theme 2: Students will study how technology has changed our world and investigate how goods and services drive  an economy. Students begin to plan and investigate the scientific method.

    Theme 3: Habitats, native Americans, compare life in the past vs. today. 

    Theme 4: Students will research what plants need to grow and discuss healthy eating habits. Students will also discuss problems in the world, identify ways people are trying to fix them, and identify ways children can help change the world. 


    December- National Aquarium
    May- Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
    Annapolis Symphony- TBD