Health Room

  • Health Room Staff: Maria-Annette Goumas, RN MSN

    Diana Adams, CNA, MT

    Zakiyah Butts, CNA, MT

    Health Room Phone Number: 410.969.9010 ext 236

    Health Room Fax Number: 410.760.4580


    The school nurse is responsible for managing medication administration, developing nursing assessments, monitoring chronic health problems by implementing Emergency Action Plans, develops Emergency Exit Plans for those students with disabilities, provides health teaching, and reviews/assists with immunization compliance.

    The health assistants are certified as nursing assistants and medication technicians. They are primarily responsible for managing the health room, providing first aid and administering medications and other nursing delegated duties.


    Medications at school:  The Parent’s Request to Administer Medication at School order form must be completed by the parent/guardian and the prescribing health care provider for prescription medications and over-the-counter medication.

    • For prescription medication, the orders on the form must coincide with the directions on the prescription bottle.
    • For over-the-counter medication, please have the generic (if possible) medication name on the order form.
    • Students are not allowed to self-carry any medication in school.

    o   Exception: only albuterol inhaler or auto-injectable-epinephrine may be self-carried by the student.

    o   For albuterol inhaler and auto-injectable epinephrine the health care provider must check “self-carry” on the order form.

    o   The school nurse will review the order and co-sign with the student a Self-Carry Agreement. The student must demonstrate to the nurse they are able to administer the medication before the student is allowed to self-carry.


    • REMEMBER: At the beginning of each school year a new Parent’s Request to Administer Medication at School must be completed.


    • Health Concerns:

    o   Parents/guardians are encouraged to share with the school nurse any health concerns their student may have that may affect their safety or educational needs while in school.

    o   The school nurse will complete a Health Appraisal and, if indicated, an Emergency Action Plan will be initiated and signed by the parent/guardian and the school nurse.


    • Health Room Visits:

    o   Students must have a Health Room pass from their teacher.

    o   Students who report to the health room for an illness/injury will be assessed and if indicated will either be sent back to class or will need to be picked up by their parent/guardian or a parent/guardian approved individual

    o   Students are allowed about 10 minutes to rest in the health room. Extenuating circumstances may keep students in the health room longer.

    o   Students with a temperature of 100˚F or higher must be picked up by parent/guardian or parent/guardian approved individual. 

    Additional information is available at: Anne Arundel County Department of Health