Southern Middle Student Services

  • 2021-22 Southern Middle School's Student Services Team Members:

    School Counselors:
    · 6th Gr. Counselor: Mrs. Crystal McFadden-

    · 7th Gr. Counselor: Mr. John Heiser-

    · 8th Gr. Counselor (DC): Mrs. Kristen Martz-

    School Counseling Secretary/Registrar:
    · Mrs. Patricia Arey-

    School Psychologist:
    · Mrs. Mary Stuart Kempton-

    School Social Worker:
    · Mrs. Siobhan McDaniel-

    Pupil Personnel Worker:
    · Dr. Rodney Roundtree-


    SMS Student Services Virtual Office

    Join our Student Services Virtual Office for stress reduction, mindfulness, and wellness activities (Use Code 2bteafs or click link)!


    Student Services Mission Statement:
    To provide age appropriate counseling and activities that allows each student to achieve his/her full potential in all areas including academic, personal/social and career education while serving as advocates for our students and liaisons between teachers and parents.

    Office Hours:
    Our Office Hours are between 8AM-3PM Monday - Friday
    *Please understand that these hours include meetings, conferences, instructional time, etc.*