Academic Support


    SMS Academic Support & Success!

    Please continue to encourage your student to excel academically by completing all required assignments, maintain organization (agenda book), attend school each day on time, utilize tutoring resources (FLEX Academic Support/STAR Time) and prepare for tests and quizzes. We, as you do, want your student to reach their goals and be successful! If you have any questions about a specific class, please contact the teacher directly as teachers are consistently updating grades.

    Accessing Student Grades:

    • Go to
    • Click on “Student/Parent Portal” link on top of page
    • Click on “Student and Parent Sign In” link on right side of page
    • Enter Student Username and Student Password
      • *Username/Password is the SAME Students use to log on to the AACPS school computers*
    • Once logged on, you will have access to view your grades, assignments and more!


    Brightspace Information Videos:

    Homework Help - Anne Arundel County Public Library

    Homework Help from the county library can be in person or as close as the nearest computer. Students in grades K through 12, as well as adult learners, can connect to HelpNow from Brainfuse, a tutoring service available between 2 p.m. and midnight, seven days a week. Qualified tutors in Math, Science, English and Social Studies can help students complete a math problem, understand a physics concept or revise their writing assignment – among other tasks. Essays can be sent to the Writing Lab any time via email and a tutor will provide feedback within 24 hours.

    To try it, go to and click on Homework Center to access HelpNow from Brainfuse and other databases such as Biography in Context, Science in Context and Student Resources in Context. Librarians can also provide help using the Internet and looking up information.

    Here’s how to reach the library online:

    • Get homework help and access other resources through the Anne Arundel County Public Library:

    • Chat online with a librarian 24/7 at

    • Send a text to 66746 and begin your message with "AACPL"


    TAAAC Tutoring Pool

    If you are looking for a tutor, check here for a list of Board Certified Teachers who offer tutoring services:


    FLEX - Academic Intervention & Support

    FLEX- Academic Intervention & Support is a 30-minute period Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:40am-11:10am. All students report to their FLEX period which will be on a rotating schedule. FLEX provides an opportunity for students to get Academic Intervention and Support. Teachers will be able to pull small groups, allow students the chance to make up tests/assignments, receive extra help and more! 

    STAR TIME - 

    Every Tuesday & Thursday, teachers are available for STAR TIME to provide extra help and/or to redo/makeup assignments! Teachers have specific days that they stay, so please check with your teacher about their STAR DAY! Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of this extra support and bus transportation home is available!