• IMPORTANT for ALL FAMILIES: All students in grades 3-12 should plan to bring your AACPS Chromebook to and from school daily. You will be using your Chromebook as a learning tool at times during the school day and will need it at home to complete assignments in the evening. You will also need it should the Department of Health deem it necessary to move students to virtual learning at the classroom, grade, cohort, or whole school level.

    All students in grades preK-2 should keep their AACPS-issued Chromebook at home for use there. When at school, there will be Chromebooks available in primary level classrooms for student use.

  • If your student’s Chromebook is broken or not functioning properly while your student is learning virtually, please contact your student’s school and ask to be connected with the Technology Support Technician.  The technician will help troubleshoot the problem via the telephone.  If the problem cannot be fixed easily over the phone, you may be asked to bring the Chromebook to the school for repairs or exchange.