Collect, Analyze, and Apply Instructional Data with Integrity

  • AACPS’ Instructional Data Division (IDD) collects, analyzes, and applies instructional data to assist students, teachers, instructional leaders, parents and the public. The goal is to enhance learning and ultimately impact student achievement.

    IDD also serves as the primary resource for monitoring student achievement using data from various sources, including locally developed district and state-mandated assessments. – Learn More

  • Testing

    The AACPS Testing Office oversees the administration of all state and federally mandated assessments, and is the main point of contact for the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) on all matters related to test administration. The Senior Manager [more]


    The Office of Accountability provides resources and support to AACPS instructional personnel in analyzing student achievement data, detecting relationships between different types of student achievement measures, and predicting student performance in order to better identify appropriate instructional strategies to [more]


    The Office of Research provides a variety of services to a number of different audiences both within and outside of the school system. A team of research specialists, technicians and a psychometrician respond to requests at both the school [more]

    Student Data

    Student Data provides training and support for all who are involved in the collection, maintenance, and reporting of accurate student data.
    Student data collected includes demographics, attendance, discipline, course enrollment, student academic progress, grade reporting, and transcripts for all current [more]