Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Opportunity Gap

  • The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Opportunity Gap will include school system and county employees, parents, and community members who will collaborate on recommendations to eradicate gaps between student groups.Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gap

    “Closing the achievement gap, particularly between white and African-American students, is a longstanding goal that we have failed to achieve despite ongoing efforts by our school system, our NAACP, and community leaders,” County Executive Pittman said. “Giving up is not an option. Instead, we are bringing together the best minds in the field, from both education and community, to identify and initiate updated strategies.”


  • Facebook For questions about the Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gap Committee, please contact: 

    Monique Jackson
    Deputy Superintendent, Student and School Support

    Maisha Gillins, Ph.D
    Executive Director of Equity and Accelerated Student Achievement

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  • Joint Initiative Community Launch Meeting

    Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Achievement Gap - Monday September 23, 2019 - Diverse hands together

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    DATE:  Monday, September 23, 2019

    TIME:  6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

    LOCATION:  The auditorium at Arundel High School, 1001 Annapolis Road in Gambrills

    HOSTED BY: Dr. Arlotto and County Executive Pittman

    DISCUSSION:  School system and county data related to the issue was presented, and those in attendance identifed key issues and provided input on next steps

  • Committee Members



    Chief Timothy Altomare

    AA County Police Department

    Tammy Anderson

    AA County Parks & Recreation

    Rick Anthony

    AA County Parks & Recreation

    Kim Atkinson

    AA County Juvenile Services

    Skip Auld

    AA County Library

    Pamela Brown

    Partnership for Youth, Children & Families

    Raquel Brown

    (Manager, Youth Development Services)

    Community Action Agency

    Gavin Buckley

    Annapolis Mayor's Office

    Kirsten Clark

    (Program Director)

    Centro D'Ayuda

    Mary Dadone


    Jessica Daigle

    State's Attorney/Courts

    Anita Dewling

    Office of Economic Development

    Ellen Duffy

    (Chief of Juvenile Unit)

    AA County Public Defender

    Jessica Farrar


    Maisha Gillins


    Catherine Gray

    AA County Mental Health Agency

    Sonia Hamlin


    Laticia Hicks


    Rosalind Hill

    AA County Department of Social Services

    Monique Jackson


    Thornell Jones

    Caucus of African American Leaders

    Nilesh Kalyanaraman

    AA County Department of Health

    Milena Kornyl

    AA Workforce Development Corp

    Christine Larsen

    The ARC, Central Chesapeake Region

    Dawn Lindsay (President)

    AA Community College

    Bridget McLaughlin

    Housing Authority, City of Annapolis

    Adrienne Mickler

    AA County Mental Health Agency

    Heidi Oliver


    Rhonda Pindell-Charles

    Annapolis City Council

    Steuart Pittman

    AA County Executive's Office

    Captain Fred Plitt

    AA County Police Department

    Jennifer Purcell

    AA County Executive's Office

    Hillary Raftovich

    Annapolis Mayor's Office

    Ramond Robinson

    AA Office of Transportation

    Karen Siska

    AA County Department of Health

    Charlotte Wallace


    Janice Watley

    (Student Achievement & Success Program Director)

    AA Community College


    Housing Authority, City of Annapolis


    AA County Council