• Spring 2021 - AACPS Roadmap to Reopening

  • The AACPS Board of Education and Dr. Arlotto recognize the many challenges families face as we continue to adapt to best meet the educational needs of our students during a pandemic. We also know that relationships are the key to the success of any school system. We are committed to continuously seeking improvements to the learning experience for all our students and appreciate the flexibility of our students, parents, teachers, and staff as we strive to enhance education during these trying times. With the safety and well-being of all as the priority of any plan, we look forward to the day all of our students return to the classroom.  NOTE: At a special meeting of the Board of Education on January 14, 2021, the Board voted to implement hybrid learning no later than March 1, 2021 (PRESS RELEASE)


    Parents and Guardians: The deadline and extended deadline for registering your student(s) for a learning model (Hybrid or Virtual-Only) have now passed. Based on the information we have received from parents/guardians, Principals and Transportation Office staff are working hard to schedule and cohort students into classrooms and buses for our hybrid return to schools in March. NOTE: We realize that there are some extenuating circumstances that may cause a family to request a change. In these cases, we will put you on a waitlist until after the initial student cohorts have been scheduled and then return to the waitlist to handle requests individually, should we have the space in the classroom or on the bus to accommodate the request. This may happen before or after the March “Return to School” dates for hybrid learners.
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    As noted in many documents and in Dr. Arlotto’s weekly updates, we will open January with all students continuing to learn virtually.  As the local public health climate begins to reflect more favorable conditions to support the transition to in-person instruction in the future, a Virtual-Plus or Hybrid Learning Model will be offered to families in addition to the Virtual-Only model being used in the Fall 2020 semester. The initial successful small-scale implementation of in-person instruction at the developmental and applied technology centers has led the way for a promising prospect that more students and staff can return safely to school buildings. With the establishment of the virtual learning environment through the first and second marking periods and distribution of Chromebooks to almost every student, AACPS is equipped to provide seamless instructional transitions between virtual learning to hybrid learning as the public health climate shifts.  We recognize that this new information provides new opportunities for families.  We will ask families in January 2021 which model they want for their students when hybrid learning is once again supported by the Department of Health and made available to AACPS families. There are two learning models provided to families for consideration on the January Family Survey-Registration Form: Virtual-Plus (Hybrid) and Virtual-Only Learning Models.

    Both learning model options are described in more detail on this site so that families can think, plan, and make informed decisions now for the upcoming Spring 2021 semester (when hybrid learning becomes an option). Families of ECI, preK-5, grade 6-8, and grade 9-12 students must register on this website (see Family Registration Button), indicating their instructional preference for each of their students so that proper preparations for staffing classrooms and establishing bus schedules can be made.  You may choose the same or different learning models for each of your students.

    Virtual learning will remain in place for all students as is currently designed until a time yet to be determined in the Spring 2021 semester when the health data support bringing students back into buildings.  We are planning for a return to school for small groups of students early in the new year and grade level groups of students returning shortly thereafter. Adjusted student learning schedules and in some cases adjusted student cohort groups, will be constructed after families make their model selections. Once a family has chosen a Learning Model, those plans will inform staffing needs, classroom allocations (for hybrid learners), and transportation student cohorts (for hybrid learners) for the remainder of the school year; therefore, such choices cannot be altered after the deadline. Any students who have not been registered by the deadline will be placed into the Virtual-Only model to continue learning virtually for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.

    NOTE: There may be a time lag following the Registration Deadline until families are notified of any adjustments that may need to be made to classroom student cohorts, teacher-classroom assignments, and transportation schedules and details.  No students will be rescheduled until hybrid in-person learning begins in our schools.


  • We are in need of Midday Monitors to observe and monitor hybrid learning students while they eat their lunch and take part in recess in elementary school. Please take a moment to consider supporting our midday block of time during the hybrid school day (approximately 11am-1pm). Please consider this 2 hour/day small temporary job opportunity on two or four days each week.   Please peruse this Temporary Help Flyer if you are interested. (Spanish version)

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