• Students next to each other in a library reading digital content off of tablets Our students have unique backgrounds and experiences and public education is not one size fits all. Our schools and programs provide options for students who need something different than the traditional classroom. This path offers a variety of choices within AACPS that are safe, supportive and engaging.

    Our schools and programs are led by compassionate staff who believe in the capacity for and desire of all students to experience a positive and productive learning environment. 

    What does it look like in action?

    Students will benefit from:

    • Safe, supportive and engaging learning environments.
    • Our schools and programs offer an array of innovative and creative instructional approaches. 
    • Educators that encourage respect, value collaboration and practice responsible decision-making.
    • Preparation for college and career opportunities so they can reach their full potential upon graduation.  
    • Caring, supportive and effective teachers who guide students to discover their talents and strengths.
    • Being heard by those who teach and lead them. 
    • Staff who guide each student toward making responsible/effective choices. 

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